September 2014 Schedule & Course Descriptions

September 2014

October to December Classes will be Announced August 9th

Introduction to Windows 8 Seminar- In this seminar, learners will experience the new features of Windows 8 including the standard apps (applications) and learners will get a great overview of how to navigate Windows 8. Free Seminar - Please Enroll

Picasa Essentials: Organizing, Editing & Sharing Photos using Picasa 3- You will learn to install Picasa, the free PC program from Google, and organize, edit and share your digital photos. In class, you will download your photos from your camera to a computer. You will learn how to get all your photos organized into folders. Picasa’s editing features let you take out red eyes, improve color and contrast, crop for printing and add special effects and text. You will learn how to create slide shows and collages. You will create your own web albums, order prints online and share your photos with your friends. Prerequisites: Students must have a digital camera and have a working knowledge of Windows. Please bring a flash drive with at least 2 GB of space for the first session. Later you will bring your camera with its battery charged and the cable that connects your camera to a computer to class. Class fee: $25

Introduction to Facebook Workshop–Facebook is used and enjoyed by people of all ages. Facebook provides easy ways to exchange communication with friends and family. You will learn about how to view and post your own photos, video, and messages. You will learn about posting on friends’ "Walls“, "Commenting" on friends’ pictures, and real-time Chat. Personal security recommendations are also covered. Class fee: $15

Windows 7 Operating System. The student will be introduced to the basics of the Windows 7 desktop, Task Bar, the Start menu, how to find and launch a program and use the Help features. The student will learn the basics of file management using the new Windows Explorer, as well as system maintenance and backup tools built into the Windows 7 Operating System. Prerequisites: Student should be familiar with using a mouse and have some confidence using a computer. Class fee: $25

Computer Security & Backup: Protect Yourself - Free Seminar – U.S. online shoppers number over 100 million. In this free seminar you will learn some of the basic ways to protect yourself in this fast-paced online world. Of course, in spite of our best efforts, things can go wrong. You need have good computer security software and a backup method in place for your computer files. We will teach you how to install Microsoft Security Essentials and give you some easy-to-do computer backup alternativesip. Free Seminar - Please Enroll

iPad/iTunes/iCloud Workshop –This 2-session workshop will answer the questions: "How do I use the iPad and how does it relate to iTunes and iCloud". You will be introduced to the standard applications as well as some highly-recommended apps for the iPad. To learn iTunes and the art of importing your Music CDs and burning your own favorite playlist to CD you will use one of our classroom PCs - or you can also bring your laptop to class. Class fee $15

Converting to Gmail – This workshop will lead you through converting from your old email address to Gmail.Converting means you will be prepared to stop using your old email address and will make all your email messages come to your new address. Many students will do the entire conversion in the workshop, because Google has written conversion tools that make things easy! Prerequisites: Let the instructor know ahead of time which old email system you are using, so he can be ready when you arrive. Send Mike Gilliom a note with your old email address to Also bring to class your old email address and account password. We will use these as part of the conversion to Gmail. And, if you don’t yet have a Gmail account, go to and get one– and bring this address and password, too. Class Fee: $15

Pinterest.Com workshop - Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, 're-pin' images to their own pinboards, or 'like' photos. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. Class Fee $15

Skype Workshop - Skype is a very popular way to stay in touch with your loved ones! Skype is a free program that lets you make voice or video calls over the Internet using your computer's web camera and microphone. Calls to other Skype computers are free, and calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee. Skype also supports instant messaging, file transfer, and videoconferencing. Skype has many millions of registered users.

In this workshop we will start by helping you connect your own computer or tablet to the internet. Then we will explore Skype's key features. If you bring your own laptop or tablet to class, you must have Skype already installed with a Skype account name and password already checked out. To set up a Skype account, go to, click the Download button, and follow the instructions for setting up Skype for your particular computer or tablet. Of course, you are welcome to use your Skype account with one ofour PCs.

Start times: If you'd like to bring your own device (laptop or tablet), come at 9am and be ready to connect to our classroom internet network. Otherwise, come at 9:30 and use our desktop computers. Skype instruction starts at 9:30. Class Fee $15