General Information, Prerequisites, 

Fees & Free Classes

To Enroll - or get on the waiting list - call the front desk - 919-968-2070


Prerequisites: If you have little or no experience, your first Windows-based course course should be Computer Fundamentals. 

Equipment: For Windows-based classes, we provide PCs with Windows 10 installed. Or students may bring their own laptops with Windows 10. Students must bring their own equipment for all iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android phone and Android tablet classes.

Class Fees: Classes lasting 1 to 3 sessions are $15. Longer classes are $25. A session is usually 2 hours. Classes with fees have handouts and include exercises for the students. The Computer Security & Backup discussion seminar, the open computer labs, and the smartphone/tablet clinics, are free and are single sessions.

Payment: Credit card or check payable to "OCDOA" (Orange County Dept on Aging). Please pay by the first day of class - at the front desk. 

For Free classes, please enroll to reserve your seat.

Bring to Class: A USB Flash drive with 1 GB of free space. Remember to bring passwords for devices & accounts. Read the class or workshop description for additional items to bring to class.

Curriculum: Courses range from basics to more advanced topics and are tailored to seniors age 50 and above.

Instruction: Classes & Workshops enroll 9 students, each with a computer and a comprehensive student guide.  Experienced coaches provide generous individual attention.  You should plan to practice on a computer or mobile device at home, about 1 hour/each hour in class.

Classes for the Vision Impaired: The Seymour Technology Center is pleased to announce that it will be offering courses tailored to individuals with vision impairments that range from moderate to severe.  In particular, we are offering a course similar to the Computer Fundamentals course utilizing an iPhone or iPad.

Both the iPad and the iPhone have auditory capabilities making much of their capability usable via speech and hearing (for example, the sending and receiving of email).

If you, or anyone whom you know, is interested, please contact Jim Schultz at 919-606-4121, or, for further information.