January to May 2016 Course Schedule & Descriptions

January 2016

Prepare Your Taxes Using TurboTax Software is a two-session course that teaches you to use the current tax year version of the popular TurboTax software program to prepare and file your federal and North Carolina state income tax returns. Using a practice problem, you will focus on how to enter your income and deductions, how to check for errors, how to finalize the return, and how to use the electronic filing features of TurboTax. You will also learn how to import tax data from such financial software programs as Quicken and from broekerage firms and other financial institutions. Prerequisites: Students should have completed Computer Fundamentals or equivalent, be familiar with using a mouse, and have some confidence using a computer. Class fee $15.

Introduction to Facebook – Facebook is used and enjoyed by people of all ages. Facebook provides easy ways to exchange communications with friends and family. You will learn how to view and post your own photos, video, and messages. You will learn about posting on friends "Time-line“, "Commenting" on friends’ pictures, and real-time Chat. Personal security recommendations are also covered. If you do not have a current account, please tell the desk and plan to arrive 15 minutes early for the class. Class fee $15.

Computer Fundamentals using Windows 10 gives the beginner or person with limited experience the basic concepts, skills and tools such as terminology, using the mouse proficiently, and mastery of the keyboard. You also receive a general grounding in word processing, file organization, and an introduction to the Internet, web browsing and e-mail. Our PCs use Windows 10, but the skills taught in this class apply to earlier versions of Windows as well. Class fee $25.

Exploring Windows 10 - In this 6-session class, students will experience the new features of Windows 10, including how to personalize their device, understand basic navigation of Windows 10, use the desktop, and how to download apps from the Windows Store. If you are a Windows 8 user, the Start menu is back and Windows Store apps now run on the desktop. Students will be introduced to two new Windows 10 features - Cortana a personal assistant with the ability to understand spoken commands and Edge a new web browser (Internet Explorer is still available). Class fee $25.

February 2016

Introduction to Android Smartphones & Tablets - This 5-session workshop will show you how to use your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Except for phone calls, these devices work the same way. We'll show you how to use the Home screen and Settings. Phone users will learn to make and answer calls and manage your contacts. Then we'll explore texting and email. We'll search the web, play with YouTube, set up calendars, tasks & alarms. We'll use the camera for photos and videos. And, we'll show you how to find free & fee apps - including games - to personalize your Phone or Tablet. Class fee $25.

Introduction to Windows 10 Seminar - Windows 10 is a free and easy upgrade for most XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. You will soon find Windows 10 very familiar but more-productive than your current Windows. Come to this free seminar and watch our instructors show you what's new, what's better, and what's very familiar. We will answer all your questions - such as how long does the upgrade process take and what are the most radical changes? We'll demonstrate lots of cool, new features - like Cortana, your personal assistant, and Edge, the new Microsoft browser. And we'll reveal our plans for in-depth Windows 10 classes. Free Seminar – Please enroll to save your seat.

Open Computer Lab – One of our instructors or coaches will be present to help you learn more about personal technology. Bring your questions and your hardware – or just use on of our PCs. Make sure you have your passwords for any apps you want help with - like Skype or Facebook. And, of course, bring power cords and anything else that could be useful. Free Session – Please enroll to save your seat.

File Management – This workshop will help you become more self-sufficient in managing the information you choose to save on your Personal Computer - whether you are using Windows Vista, 7, 8 or Windows 10. It guides you through practice exercises that use features of the operating system designed to create and organize “folders” that hold the information you produce or obtain from other sources. This will help you get started reorganizing your personal files and folders so that they are easier to locate and access. The skills practiced in this workshop are applicable to every task you perform on your computer. Class fee $15.

Computer Security & Backup: Protect Yourself - We spend much of our day on the Internet. In this free seminar you will learn some of the basic ways to protect yourself in this fast-paced online world. Of course, in spite of our best efforts, things can go wrong. You need have good computer security software and a backup method in place for your computer files. We will teach you how to install & use Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender and give you some easy-to-do computer backup alternatives. Free Seminar - Please enroll to save your seat.

March 2016

Skype Workshop - Skype is a very popular way to stay in touch with your loved ones! Skype is a free program that lets you make voice or video calls over the Internet using your computer's web camera and microphone. Calls between computers running Skype are free, and calls to both traditional landline telephones and mobile phones can be made for a fee. Skype also supports instant messaging, file transfer, and videoconferencing. Skype has many millions of registered users.

In this workshop we will start by helping you connect your own computer or tablet to the internet. Then we will explore Skype's key features. If you bring your own laptop or tablet to class, you must have Skype already installed with a Skype account name and password already checked out.

To install Skype and set up your Skype account:

On computers: Go to www.skype.com, click the Download button, and follow the instructions.

iPads & Android smartphones & tablets: Go to the app store for your device, download Skype, and start it up.

If you don't have a Skype account, you will be asked to create one as part of the setup. You will also be asked if you want to use your existing Microsoft account for Skype. Once you have created your Skype account you can sign into Skype on any device. In class, you are welcome to use your own Skype account - or one of ours - with one of our class PCs. Class fee $15.

Everything Google - Google offers us lots of free, web-based apps along with the free space for storing the files we create or upload. In this workshop, we will examine several of Google's free programs, including Search, Maps, Drive (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations), Calendar, YouTube, Groups & Calendar. You will learn how these programs are used to collaborate on projects and to share your creativity with family and friends. Class fee $15.

Introduction to Word Processing - This 3-session workshop will introduce the student to the basics of word processing. We ill work with a basic word processing program called Wordpad and the more-sophisticated word processing program - Word 2013. You will learn how to use the ribbon. We will cover the creation of your first document. You’ll learn to move around in your document, using formatting marks, moving text by using Cut and Paste, and changing line spacing and alignment. Prerequisite: If you have little or no experience, your first course should be Computer Fundamentals.

Class fee $15.

Picasa Essentials: Organizing, Editing & Sharing Photos using Picasa 3- You will learn to install Picasa, the free PC program from Google, and organize, edit and share your digital photos. In class, you will download your photos from your camera to a computer. You will learn how to get all your photos organized into folders. Picasa’s editing features let you take out red eyes, improve color and contrast, crop for printing and add special effects and text. You will learn how to create slide shows and collages. You will create your own web albums, order prints online and share your photos with your friends. Prerequisites: Students must have a digital camera and have a working knowledge of Windows. Please bring a flash drive with at least a Gigabyte of space for the first session. Later you will bring your camera with its battery charged and the cable that connects your camera to a computer to class. Class fee $25.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for the Vision Impaired - The iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, especially with iOS 8.1, are equipped with robust speech output features for the blind, called VoiceOver and Speak Screen, as well as a speech-enabled personal digital assistant, called Siri. You can accomplish tasks with far less physical interaction than that required by computers and many high-tech adaptive products. When you combine all of the built-in apps with those that are being created by third party developers every day (most of which range from free to under $20.00), people with severe vision loss can now use their iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone to search the Internet, send email, take notes and access online services; to identify currency and products in packages; and to carry a single solution that functions as a clock, flashlight, GPS device, portable book reader, calculator, calendar, reminder, radio, and more. Class fee $25.

Introduction to the iPad and iPhone – These devices are amazing all-in-one tools for email, text, photos, music & videos. They are also a camera, e-book reader, Internet browser, and gaming device. You will learn about setting up email, about Siri, iTunes, and the App Store. You can even totally replace other general-use computers with the iPad. You can add a real keyboard; in fact, your iPad/iPhone will work with nearly any Bluetooth keyboard. Please bring your iPad or iPhone to class. Class fee $15.

Open Computer Lab – One of our instructors or coaches will be present to help you learn more about personal technology. Bring your questions and your hardware – or just use on of our PCs. Make sure you have your passwords for any apps you want help with - like Skype or Facebook. And, of course, bring power cords and anything else that could be useful. Free Session – Please enroll to save your seat.

April 2016

Photo Gallery for Windows - This 2-session workshop will teach you how to edit photos, correcting items like shadows, “Fusing” two or more group photos so that everyone is smiling or looking at the camera. Photo Gallery runs on Windows 7 thru 10. Class fee $15.

Introduction to Ancestry.Com - We will cover the fundamentals of beginning to create your family genealogy using Ancestry.Com. We will go through some actual examples, such as using the US Census, birth, marriage, and death records to tie them to your own family history. Class fee $15.

Pinterest.Com - Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies, and more. Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, "re-pin" images to their own pinboards, or "like" photos. Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love. Class fee $15.

May 2016

Introduction to Your Mac & OS X – This 3-session workshop is for current Mac owners who would like to learn more about using their Mac, and prospective Mac owners who want to know more before buying their first Mac. We will introduce you to the variety of Macs available today and then look at many of the Mac’s basic features. We will examine the elements of the desktop, dock, and menu bar; the Finder and OS X folder structure; system preferences (settings for, hardware, internet, printer); setting up user accounts; setting up and syncing iCloud; and give you an overview of the key software on your Mac. Please note: Our classroom is set up only with PCs. Our instructor will be demonstrating using a Mac laptop and classroom projector. Bring your own Mac laptop and follow along or simply watch the demonstrations. Class fee $15.